During a workshop participants make multiple curiosities – small, conceptual projects – centred around a specific (desired) topic. A range of short assignments (pressure-cooker format) help them in questioning the topic, and finding new interpretations.



3rd year, 4rth year and Master students from various disciplines

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We are happy to announce that C.o.c.o.i. will go to China again! Three art academies in and around Shanghai have invited us to give C.o.c.o.i. workshops this May.

At each academy we will host a different edition of the workshop, in order to optimise the focus of the workshop to the curriculum of the academy.

At Donghua University Shanghai we will start with the brand new 3rd edition: Design Thinking & Typography. During this workshop we will research how typography can be used (as an image) in order to affect interpretation. Various sources of inspiration will pass by, from streets to movies. The Shanghai-based printing company Alpha will sponsor the students to produce their outcome – on billboard size if they wish.

The students at Jiangnan University will work on edition #2: Systematic Design Thinking. Centered around the question ‘How can constraints in design challenge interpretation?’ the students will embrace rules and constraints in order to open up and extend their design skills. In the end they will design a dynamic identity.

Our C.o.c.o.i. tour ends at the Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute where we will have the pleasure to work with the students on the first edition; Design Thinking: Interaction & Interpretation. During this workshop students will research how design can be used to influence interpretation. Various assignments will stimulate students to embrace curiosity and see the world from a different perspective.




东华 C.o.c.o.i. 的第三期:设计思维与文字设计。我们将探讨文字与设计如何影响传达与理解,我们将从街头巷尾还有电影中寻找灵感。艾珐装帧材料公司 将赞助打印的材料,参与的同学将有机会制作大幅的海报。

在江南 C.o.c.o.i. 的第二期:系统设计思维。从“如何在系统、规则、尺度与限制中传达信息?”的问题出发,同学们将在规则与限制中,进一步地提高设计能力,最后他们将设计一套动态的品牌形象。

在苏州工艺美院 C.o.c.o.i. 的第一期:交互与传达作结。同学们将探索如何利用设计去影响传达和理解。许多的小作业将促使同学们充分地调动好奇心,并从另外一个视角重新观察日常。



All the workshops will be concluded by an exhibition and an accompanying publication.

We are very much looking forward to give the workshops and to broaden the students’ design knowledge and skills!