C.o.c.o.i. actively explores the ‘normal’ world for new layers of interpretation. It rediscovers things that are already there and captures moments of interpretation. By being a platform – as well as a playground – it connects existing and new points of view.

C.o.c.o.i. 积极探索“寻常”世界新的视觉传达方式。它重新探索业已存在的事物,并捕捉传达与理解的瞬间。C.o.c.o.i. 作为设计的平台和游乐场,将固有的和全新的观点联系起来。


Design Thinking & C.o.c.o.i.


The fantastic workshop-week at Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute was concluded with an astonishing exhibition filled with the works that the students made in just one week.

The students worked hard to invent new ways to share the results of the workshop with a bigger audience. They triggered the audience in multiple ways to rediscover the shopping mall near the school (which was the subjects of the workshop). They used different techniques to invite the audience to experience their curiosities.

在学院的这周实在是太精彩了,展览展示了同学们在这短短一周中所创作的作品,令人惊喜连连。 同学们努力地创作,并尝试新的面向大众展示自己想法的方式。他们用各种各样的方法激发了观众重新探索学校对面这条街的好奇心(同时这也是工作坊的主题)。他们用了不同的方法去邀请观众来体验他们的作品。