The Cabinet of Curiosities on Interpretation (C.o.c.o.i.) is a platform and playground for curiosity and imagination – it connects existing and new points of view and captures moments of interpretation.
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视觉传达的新奇百宝箱 (C.o.c.o.i.) 是一个关于好奇心和想象力的平台和游乐场——它将现有的和全新的想法联系起来, 并捕捉传达与理解的瞬间。

Workshop: Design Thinking – Various design disciplines at Changsha University of Science and Technology



C.o.c.o.i. workshop is very open, it allowed me to make some self-initiated projects. Instead of being pushed by the teachers, I motivate myself more and more.Dear Emmy, Joost and Sue, thanks for encouraging me to follow my heart and make the decisions by myself. I am really happy to see the result!

“通过C.o.c.o.i 课程的学习,对于我来说,一方面, 课程的模式对于我来说是完全不同于以往的,这种开放式 的课堂让我更热衷于自主学习,而不是迫于压力,也让我 的想法能够充分展示在作品中;另一方面,老师的教育方 式也是促进我认真努力的一个动力,以往,专业老师更多 的是告诉我不应该做什么,也总是指出我作品的不足之 处,而这次的课程, Emmy Joost 很多时候是鼓励我 按照自己的想法去做,因此,尽管一个礼拜的课程很匆 忙,也很辛苦,但我尽了自己最大的努力去完成课题,也为此感到开心!”

– Xiaomin Wei

(中国援引English quote)

Publication: Design Thinking & C.o.c.o.i. – Publication for exhibitions in Changsha


设计思维与 C.o.c.o.i.——长沙行出版物

Exhibition: Design Thinking & C.o.c.o.i. – Hunan Normal University


湖南师范大学 C.o.c.o.i. 荷兰设计工作坊“设计思维”成果展

I really enjoyed this workshop because it is another way of working. I will definitely keep this in the back of my mind working on future projects; even if they have borders or guidelines.

– Nienke jansen

(中国援引English quote)

Exhibition: Design Thinking & C.o.c.o.i. – Changsha University of Science and Technology


长沙理工大学 C.o.c.o.i. 荷兰设计工作坊“设计思维”成果展