The Cabinet of Curiosities on Interpretation (C.o.c.o.i.) is a platform and playground for curiosity and imagination – it connects existing and new points of view and captures moments of interpretation.
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视觉传达的新奇百宝箱 (C.o.c.o.i.) 是一个关于好奇心和想象力的平台和游乐场——它将现有的和全新的想法联系起来, 并捕捉传达与理解的瞬间。

In the end the whole process of interpretating and re-interpretating helps us to break the pre decided boundaries and expectations of the project. Combining various techniques can produce some outstanding results.

– Revati Patil

(中国援引English quote)

Presentation: Emmy at Conversas in Rotterdam


艾米在鹿特丹 Conversas 的演讲

Sometimes just working on stuff is the best starting point to get that creative engine running.

– Nienke Jansen

(中国援引English quote)