During a workshop participants make multiple curiosities – small, conceptual projects – centred around a specific (desired) topic. A range of short assignments (pressure-cooker format) help them in questioning the topic, and finding new interpretations.



Design Thinking: Interaction & Interpretation


How can you use design to influence interpretation?


3rd- and 4th year graphic-, interaction- and new media design students at Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute

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This is what we did


These are the results of an exceptional week at Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute. During this 5-day workshop we actively explored a shopping mall near the school, which we thought we knew quite well. We searched for new points of view and new layers of interpretation. We captured unique moments of interpretation and rediscovered our surroundings. We searched for new methods to communicate these discoveries and want to challenge our audience to create their own new meanings and interpretations as well.

The world is a concept, created by interpretation.
It is full of curiosities waiting to be explored.




Some curiosities made during the workshop