During a workshop participants make multiple curiosities – small, conceptual projects – centred around a specific (desired) topic. A range of short assignments (pressure-cooker format) help them in questioning the topic, and finding new interpretations.



Design Thinking


Find multiple ways to rediscover and re-interpret a place you know well by visualising it


3rd year, 4rth year and Master students from various disciplines at Changsha University of Science and Technology.

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This is what we did


After a presentation at the first day where we introduced C.o.c.o.i. and the goal of the coming week, the students went out to the street next to the campus where they started the assignment. They used various recording devices to document the things they saw, this was the starting point for their first curiosity.

Day 2 till 4 of the workshop where filled with presenting, discussing and making curiosities (small projects inspired by the street and each other).

At the end of the great workshop-week at Changsha University for Science and Technology everybody worked together as a team to make an awesome exhibition filled with the works that the students made in just one week.
It was great to work with this energetic group of students.


第一天,我们做了自我介绍,并介绍了 C.o.c.o.i. 设计工作坊和这周的目标。然后我们带领同学们来到学校对面的一条街,开始第一个项目。同学们用了很多方法去记录他们的发现,这是第一个与“好奇”相关的项目的起点。




Some curiosities made during the workshop