During a workshop participants make multiple curiosities – small, conceptual projects – centred around a specific (desired) topic. A range of short assignments (pressure-cooker format) help them in questioning the topic, and finding new interpretations.



Visual Manipulation


How can you visually manipulate a topic by using the power of design?


4th year Graphic Design students from AKV|St. Joost in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.


This is what we did


During this 3-day workshop the students where invited to visualise a topic in two different ways – they did this 3 times. This approach of this visualisation had to be slightly different (by colour, size, texture, etc.) in order to derive a different interpretation. In this way the power of design was used to tweak a visualisation slightly and by doing so, telling another story about the topic.

Next to this we’ve had a closer look at how to present a project in such a way that you can manipulate the audience to interpret something in another or a for the designer desired way.

The participants managed to surprise themselves and each other with the results and their insights and where able to apply this in their future (and graduation!) projects.

Some curiosities made during the workshop


by Sander Vermeer

by Sander Vermeer